New new website!

SO I've changed my site title once more, for the final fickle time I now have!

I'll attempt to blog every now and then, but if you want regular updates you're best following me on a social media platform - search for @rachillu on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

It's late and I'm sorting out the bare bones of the site just now because I have an exhibition opening tomorrow/sort of later today and I chucked the new site name all over the marketing material before I actually went and made the darn thing. So hello to anyone who has been to visit the Bonnie Beasts exhibition recently - I hope you liked the stuff Shirin and I made together!

I'll sign off on my maiden blog post for now with a little something from that project - the Bonnie Beasts crest from the first page of each of my books. If you want to know more, hopefully I'll have thrown a quick page up about it before I go to bed, let's see...